Sorry State of Affairs

I am so angry with the Mayor.

Everyone knows that I’ve been requesting (Really demanding) my own personal commission, not just a seat on the Transportation Commission, my own, personal private commission. The goal of this commission? The Overall destruction of the City of Alameda.

Everyone knows that my deepest desire is to stop my bicyclist posturing and begin my lifelong crusade towards increasing traffic on all streets in the city. Nevermind outdated notions like the Southern Crossing (did everyone see Tom Billing’s editorial last Friday in the Sun?) let’s start moving the entire East Bay’s traffic via Alameda, even if they need to do an immediate u-turn once they cross the estuary.

Which brings me to the mayor. Sure she’s continued to tell me that this plan is “in the works” and that the city bureaucracy is “slowing things down,” but I get a call from a friend today to tell me that my years long desire has finally come true and where has he found this out? Alameda Daily News! (see below):

JKW’s Commission

I did it! My own commission to create traffic and congestion! I have arrived. Woo Hoo! But really, I would have thought the Mayor would have called to tell me so that I could have scooped everybody with a gloating announcement.

I guess it really is true, Don and friends bring the news first (when UPS trucks are using the tubes, they’ll get you the story first!)

Seriously though, it used to be that you could read ADN for updates on what’s happening, but now there are days long gaps in the release of “breaking news.” I mean the weekly papers covered the Cineplex lawsuit and Target pull out before ADN and when they did cover it, they reprinted the city’s press release on Sunday. With that in mind, I’ve created the Press Release page. I’ll try and update it when new press releases come out (you can link to it as a separate RSS feed)