Bulls on Parade

Tonight, at 6:30pm, the Alameda Peace Action Network will be staging a rally at Alameda City hall in protest of 5 years of ending war. Yesterday, Terry Gross interviewed Journalist Charles Sennott, who has been embedded in Iraq multiple times and covers the middle east for the Boston Globe.

The interview was incredibly interesting, both in Sennott’s view that the “surge” is truly working and in Sennott’s description of how all sides (US military, Sunni, Shia, US foreign service) all say off the record that they don’t believe it can hold once the military backs out. Whenever that is. Too many centuries of history, a much longer timeline than anybody is looking at for US involvement (well, except maybe John “100 years in Iraq” McCain).

I don’t typically talk national politics, and am not going to start now, so with that, here is the announcement for tonight’s rally:

Dear Friends,

Wednesday, March 19th, marks the 5th Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. In just 6 days, on next Wednesday, The Alameda Peace Network, Move-On and other local organizations will be holding a rally at Alameda City Hall. Our rally will be one of more than 465 rallies being organized by United for Peace and Justice, a coalition of over 1400 local and national anti-war groups.

As Alameda’s Board of Education and City Council grapple with devastating budget cuts rooted in the state’s fiscal crisis, local government agencies also continue to feel the impact of federal cuts rooted in the $3 trillion dollar Iraq War.

The resignation of Admiral William Fallon, an opponent of an attack on Iran this week, as the head of the US Central Command (CENTCOM) once again raises the very real possibility that the Bush administration will launch a bombing attack on Iran. The Bush Administration and Dick Cheney, in particular, have been beating the drums for war with Iran for three years. Fallon’s departure removes a major obstacle to war with Iran.

We urge you to join us at City Hall next Wednesday to say:




6:30 PM: Assemble at Alameda City Hall, Oak and Santa Clara
7:00 PM: March on Park Street