Friday Food for Thought

This week the local media picked up on a story I’ve been writing about for the past year (March 2007 and May 2007) and others have been writing about much longer. Global Warming and development.

Both local papers rolled out coverage of Will Travis’ speech to the Rotary Club (read the Alameda Sun’s coverage, the Alameda Journal is late in updating it’s website so there’s no link to their article). Travis is the Executive Director of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission (BCDC). Which is notable because BCDC, is a state agency not an advocacy organization.

In the speech, Travis said:

“The next time there’s a public hearing about a housing development, rather than complaining about traffic or views you should be testifying that it’s not big enough.”

This was said to back up his point that increasing wetlands restoration and decreasing the areas sprawl are the two biggest things that the Bay Area can do to reduce its impact on climate change. With all the discussions in town about development, this continues to be an issue that is overlooked with regards to “what we can do.”

Any discussion of “green development” that doesn’t include a discussion about sprawl and its prevention, is focusing on the edges without looking at what actually makes a development “green.” Kudos to Mr. Travis for his willingness to speak directly to this important issue.