Not Coke, Just Pepsi

Riding up Central this morning, feeling guilty about not having gotten up early enough to write a post on the Drought, or Measure H or the terrible bike parking situation at the new theater, I was thinking of, I wondered if something short would pop into my brain. It was if the gods of bad luck were listening!

Approaching the Alameda Theater, a delivery truck was blocking the bike lane…I thought “where was the intense enforcement I keep hearing about?” as I passed the truck, people were milling about. I stopped (I’m a sucker for rubbernecking), saw theater operator Kyle Connor walking across the street looking hurried but also measured as he took in the sight, obviously trying to figure out what it all meant.

A good 8-10′ gash has been ripped into the revamped theater awning by the Pepsi Truck, demolishing the corner of the awning. I’m pretty sure that not even Alameda’s most accomplished conspiracy theorists could say this was anything other than terrible driving.