Month: September 2008

One [more] small step

Today, Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB375. This bill is an anti-sprawl bill that dovetails into AB32, the state’s landmark climate protection legislation encouraging communities to build smarter and decrease sprawl.

Ferry Finale

The Governor finally signed SB1093 yesterday, the Water Emergency Transportation Authority bill. SB1093 was a clean up bill that rectifies many of the problems with the original ridiculous bill that was secretly rushed through the State Senate in four days.

Freaky Friday

The Council’s OSH decision has been much talked about this week, I’ve received emails about it from friends, the blogs have continued to expound theories, letters to the editor have looked very much like the blogs and it occurred to me that we have a very simple solution to sales tax conundrum caused by the Auto dealerships leaving. Don’t let them leave.

Community in Action

Last Tuesday’s council meeting was a wonder to behold, and not because of the OSH issue. Alameda’s historic preservation community (and others) need’s to reassess their tactics after they showed up en masse to keep a Fernside homeowner from completing a renovation that her neighbors completely support.

Reminder: CASA meets tonight

As mentioned two weeks ago, Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda will hold its first meeting tonight at the O-Club (6:30 – 8:30).

This will be a community lead group, so show up, jump in and roll up your sleeves.

See you there.