Freaky Friday

The Council’s OSH decision has been much talked about this week, I’ve received emails about it from friends, the blogs have continued to expound theories, letters to the editor have looked very much like the blogs and it occurred to me that we haveĀ  a very simple solution to sales tax conundrum caused by the Auto dealerships leaving. Don’t let them leave.

Apparently, the illegality of the council prohibiting OSH from coming to town is no big deal when it comes to saving our communities hand-picked businesses (and let me say that I’m extremely sympathetic to the ideas behind the “save Paganos, Save Enicinal Hardware, Save Encinal Nursery, etc.etc” cries. Our family tries hard to spend our money at these places. Literally putting our money where our mouth is).

And since it’s Friday and the weather’s nice, and we all just want to slip into the weekend, just for fun let’s extend this logic to the idea of a Peoples of Alameda Democratic Republic plan for economic development:

  1. Identify which businesses are acceptable in Alameda. This should plan should consist of at least a dozen public meetings and then go to the voters who will all agree on the consensus plan unanimously.
  2. Identify the parcels of land where these businesses should be allowed.
  3. Then the work is easy, the council, who were originally elected to guide planning decisions, can easily refer to a check-off list of whether businesses can move here or away. We might choose to allow for flexibility in ownership, just to give the council some faux-sense of actual decision making. They can perhaps demand the personal financial records of applicants and ask embarrassing personal questions. (though we could take this power away from them and just let anyone post questions from the internet with no vetting for substance or validity to questions or claims.)

Next week: Alameda 2.0! Join the AP&T Wiki and write their commercial marketing plan for them!