Community Action

Great turn out at the Alameda Point Vision meeting last night. It’s great to see the community gathering to work on a community vision for Alameda Point. More on the Vision next week.

But I wanted to point to a different community action that’s taking place. The Wasilla Project, featuring Alamedan Eric Ladenburg (who helped edit an episode or two of Alameda Currents early on). The collaboration aims to produce first person narratives of VP Candidate Sarah Palin, filling in gaps in the national narrative that are unable to be pursued because of her refusal to meet with the press in any meaningful way.

From the Wasilla Project site:

We’ve been following the fascinating twists and turns of the election as many people have been doing over the past few months. It’s been hard to believe the various stories that have come out in the mainstream and not so mainstream news. When McCain nominated Palin for VP, we were especially intrigued. The stories from the right and the left have flown back and forth furiously and it’s been hard to know what to believe.

So we decided to go to Wasilla to find out for ourselves….

The purpose of the project is to produce a series of short (2-3 minute), video portraits of Sarah Palin and her hometown of Wasilla that can be a valuable addition to the prevailing impressions of her. As time and resources allow, we may do a longer edit as well, one which goes into depth on broader topics raised by Palin and her political career.

[youtube Qm6SeDXqd-g – Fiscal Conservative?]