Month: December 2008

City Lights

The SD&R crew headed up to City Hall last Saturday night for the lighting of the city’s the christmas tree lights. We were lucky to bump into AP&T head Girish Balachandran, who pointed out that this year’s lights are new, and they’re LEDs using 80% less power than in years past.

Redevelopment Risks

The discussion of “what happens if redevelopment bonds go belly up” is an exercise in “what if?” because so far it hasn’t happened, though with the current real estate situation, it probably won’t be long before one does.

Alameda’s own Newt Gingrich

Many years ago, Ms. Bail started a Political Action Committee dedicated to keeping Measure A intact no matter what. It was aptly named “Keep Measure A.” They formed a PAC in order to support candidates that they deemed sufficiently committed to keeping Measure A. Ms. Bail was the Secretary.

Correcting the record….

In yesterday’s post, I spoke with Alameda’s Chief of Police Tibbet to fully understand a couple of the points in the Alameda Theater staff report. In doing so, made a couple of errors in translation that I want clear up.