Alameda’s own Newt Gingrich

On Sunday, there was a piece in the San Francisco Chronicle about Alameda, Lauren Do has a post on it. One thing stuck out to me, it was a quote from Pat Bail.

Many years ago, Ms. Bail started a Political Action Committee dedicated to keeping Measure A intact no matter what. It was aptly named “Keep Measure A.” They formed a PAC in order to support candidates that they deemed sufficiently committed to keeping Measure A. Ms. Bail was the Secretary.

Fast forward a few years and Ms. Bail is running for council with Doug deHaan and Eugenie Thomson (the infamous “Slate”) and the “Keep Measure A” committee starts doing mailouts for the candidates that will truly “Keep Measure A” (aka the Slate). And yet, the PAC records no donations and no expenditures. The papers ask Ms. Bail about it and find that:

“Bail said she was at one point the group’s secretary and, in fact, her phone number is still listed on the group’s Web site.

Bail said that when the group made a choice to become a political action committee, she disaffiliated herself from it because she was running for City Council.”

Which is very admirable. I mean given Ms. Bail’s consistent and frequent rantings on a certain news-themed internet site (and show) about “politicians” and the games they play, there’s no way she’d be spinning her way out of getting caught not playing by the rules she complains about others not playing by. I mean if it was just a mistake, I’m sure she’d just say “Whoops, I had no idea.”

So I found it interesting, while perusing Sunday’s article, that Ms. Bail has slipped back into the Secretarial chair in some sort of political merry-go-round (start a community group, form a PAC and step down but receive support from the PAC during your own campaign, decertify the PAC after a losing race and magically your back involved in a community group). 

From the Chronicle:

Pat Bail, secretary of the group, Keep Measure A, expects it to be a contentious one.”

I guess now that she’s not a candidate, she feels comfortable being involved again. The PAC has decertified itself last year after failing to disclose where it got its money, more here