Month: January 2009

Poisoning the information

In today’s Alameda Journal newsletter from “former councilmember” Barbara Thomas which is so rife with bad information that it hints at why she was so spectacularly voted out of office in her run for reelection in 1991. (she received barely 20% of the vote in 1991, just beating Don Roberts for fourth place).

Rising tides

It has become apparent that there is a lot of confusion surrounding SunCal’s map in the sea-level rise section of their master plan which is being read by many as depicting solely sea level rise.

Taking up space

So it looks like Alameda Point as an issue in Alameda is beginning to heat up. What is unfortunate, and completely predictable, is the way in which things are beginning.

Inauguration Day

Wow! what a day. Today’s inaugural poem summed it all up! Praise song for the day. Each day we go about our business, walking past each other, catching each others’ eyes or not, about to speak or speaking. All about…

Leadership rears its head at the ARRA

At Wednesday’s ARRA meeting, something miraculous happened. A councilmember decided to take a real leadership role in the Alameda Point project. After years of moving the Alameda Point project forward while trying to keep a respectful distance from it, someone on the council stepped up to the plate and took a full-fledged position.

New Year 2009!

Happy new year everyone. It’s been a quiet month at SD&R, mainly because I’ve been out of town and decided to take a little time off from things Alameda. 2009 promises to be an interesting year and will probably go…