Month: February 2009

MTC! Protect AC Transit Service tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) will be voting on how to spend the stimulus money approved last week by President Obama. It’s not often a government or we have a chance to see the actions of the highest office in America translate so quickly and action in our local community. Based on the MTC staff report, this decision will have a large effect on transit in Alameda and the East Bay.

Friday Budget Follies

Reading this mornings coverage of the state budget, I can’t focus on anything else beyond how dispiriting it is to watch our state make such ugly, terrible choices. Alameda will not escape this.

Now is the Time….for Echols

East Bay Transit advocates, a group consisting of members of many of the East Bay’s leading alt. transportation advocacy groups, have decided to endorse Elizabeth Echols for appointment to the AC Transit Board of Directors on February 25th. It wasn’t necessarily easy….but it was definitely the right decision.

Forecasting the future

18 months ago, AUSD and the Board of Education received a demographic study for the district from Lapkoff and Gobalet. This study came under a lot of criticism during the Edison enrollment/lottery discussion and I thought it would be interesting to look at how it has faired two years out.

Planning for less water

EBMUD is working on its new pricing schedule for the coming year (and the coming drought). the current pricing framework works well for the district’s financial planning, but it may not be the most effective way to plan for conservation and drought.

Infill for open space

Wednesday’s Chronicle had an article on the front page of the Bay Area section entitled “Report urges preserving Bay Area outdoors” which urges the Bay Area work and preserve at risk open space.