Edison School to add a fourth kindergarten class…maybe

AUSD has just announced that they will add a fourth kindergarten this year to accomodate the 78 children who have enrolled for next year’s kindergarten. It looks like students will not be bumped to other schools if enrollment remains high. From the Edison Website:

The decision has been made by Student Services, that as long as we retain the current enrolled students for 09/10 Edison will add a 4th Kindergarten. It is being discussed to use the Girls, Inc. room as the additional needed classroom.  Edison is working very hard to find a different solution to this problem.

This is consistent with past board direction to accomodate increases in students at Edison. More later.

Update: this clarification was sent out to the Edison School Neighborhood Network, clarifies where things stand:

Just to clarify, the district said that they will add a 4th class if the number of enrolled students stays close to 80 at the beginning of the school year. They are holding a lottery next week to determine the 60 guaranteed spots, 31 of which will go siblings.