Alameda Point: Desperately seeking attention

In a sign of the ironic things to come, approximately 40 people who didn’t vote for Mayor Beverly Johnson turned out at City Hall to protest her decision to support that Alameda Point project.

The iron-o-meter went off the charts over at ADN, where participant Don Roberts wrote:

A few minutes ago, a demonstration at City Hall against SunCal’s plans for Alameda Point was concluding.  There were over 100 demonstrators shouting in unison, “No More Lies, No More Lies”.

I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s Action Alameda’s photo of the event (He manages to only to overstate the attendance by about 50% because, it’s hard to count past 20).

the same-old people protesting someone they didnt vote for

the same-old people protesting someone they didn't vote for

The original ADN Post:

ADN Protest "coverage"