Monthly Archives: April 2009

Congratulations Alameda Sun, you’re now the print version of the Alameda Daily News!

Anyone who has picked up this weeks issue of the Alameda Sun can see why the editorializing that passes for journalism at the paper has finally reached such heights that the “esteemed” Don Roberts praised them on Friday for their “journalistic integrity.” Seriously, can you get any lower than that? What is this “journalistic integrity?” Must be they wrote something Don agrees with, because there was absolutely zero journalism happening.

Alameda Point: Park it

Parking is one of the big drivers of auto-use (more specifically ample free parking) and yet it has a large cost in terms of money used to provide it. But there’s a larger cost to the community and environment that comes in the form of wasted space, bad design, and a disconnectedness of people to the others around them.