It’s Wednesday, Bloody, Wednesday in Alameda

Last week, Alameda’s new Interim City Manager, Ann-Marie Gallant, let the city employee unions know that next Wednesday (May 6), she will be announcing significant staff cuts. Whether this will include the much murmured department consolidation (Police/Fire, Planning/Development Services, Cats/Dogs) remains to be seen.

As I wrote at the beginning of April:

One things for certain, city staff might be sleeping a little less comforatably these days, Ms. Gallant appears to have a history of trimming back staff:

While Ann Marie Gallant was city manager, the city reduced city staff by 31 employees. Overall city staff went from 111 to 80. Six of those laid off were police officers, leaving us with 25 authorized police officer positions.

It will be interesting to see how the budget discussions (especially the layoffs and consolidations that were mentioned during the meeting) continue in coming months.

In a week, we’ll find out.