Month: May 2009

Alameda Point: Matarrese still in support

Almost from the get-go, some folks have tried to claim it was untrue (I guess that I was making it up, despite linking to his statement), and then again at the end of last week, the ever-correct Jane Smythe claimed that Matarrese had changed his mind because his statement was no longer on the web. At the same time, Don Roberts celebrated 20 years of talking about things without knowing what he’s talking about with special guest Pat Bail! Pat repeated the canard that Frank Matarrese had seen the light about Alameda Point because of “All” the opposition to the project (part of the “one-person, one-community-group” strategy to defeat the Point). The ironic proof? Matarrese’s website no longer presents his announcement of his support.

Alameda Memorial Day

Last year, I had up the list of Alamedans who died in Iraq. As we remember their sacrifice, and the sacrifice of many others, we can be find small comfort in the fact that the list did not grow over the last year.

Group Specs

Yet another group has popped up around the Point, that makes 2. Honestly, do Action Alameda, SOC!A, Citizens for a Better Alameda, Keep Measure A Committee expect us not to realize that the contacts for these groups are all the same people? Heck, Gretchen Lipow is listed as a key person for three of them!

Guest Commentary: Alamedan David Teeters

At Monday night’s Alameda school board hearing, Alamedan David Teeters rose to speak in favor of the AUSD Safe Schools curriculum. He put himself out there, explaining how his journey to understanding his own perspectives has helped himself and his family grow in the process of working through his issues.

Soul Kofman

The entire SD&R Alphabet headed off to Alameda’s Kofman Auditorium to support adding LGBT issues to the Safe Schools curriculum. Really nice event, positive, large (showed what a community rally with real turn out looks like), supportive.

Alameda’s Safe Schools need you

I have been quiet on the whole safe schools curriculum because looking at it, it was such a no brainer that I couldn’t imagine the School Board not passing it. Heck, last November, over 68% of Alameda voters acted in support of marriage equality by voting against Prop. 8. How much more clarity is needed from our community?

Why does Alameda care about BART?

Michael Krueger had a great “My Word” in Friday’s paper, explaining BART’s push for the Oakland Airport Connector (OAC) and how it could affect the BART system in the future (and thus affect Alameda riders who make up a huge proportion of riders at Fruitvale BART).