Month: June 2009

Alameda Point: East Bay Express edition

Rin Kelly has done it. Written the perfect Rorshach test for Alameda Point. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Apparently it doesn’t matter what her article says (and says well and fairly), you can see that it has proved you right all along. Which either says something about the readers or about the writing…and I’m going with readers on this one.

Alameda Bridge Closure – Part II

The Alameda County Director of PUblic Works, Daniel Woldesenbet, has sent a letter to all County Supervisors identifying the impacts of the Governators proposed shift of local gas taxes. Right at the top of page 2? “Estuary Bridges”

Alameda Point’s life aquatic

SunCal has submitted a Sports Complex Master Plan (see below) which lays out two scenarios for what the sports complex is being proposed to look like. There are some geotechnical issues that make building a pool difficult, and there for, it’s “potential.”

Alameda Point: The affirmative campaign begins

Over the weekend, I opened the front door and stepped onto the porch to find that the flyer-fairy had left a “gift” on my doorstep. The first in what one might imagine will be three or four flyers from Revitalize Alameda Point. In chatting with a couple of people it came to my attention that not all neighborhoods got them, and so I’m posting it for anyone to see. Enjoy!

Law and Order: Alameda County Edition

A month and a half ago, I wrote about the Alameda Sun’s ridiculous “news” article and duplicative front page editorial regarding the signature gatherers collecting ballot signatures for the SunCal initiative. While taking photos of one of the gatherers, an Alameda Sun reporter was yelled at and eventually had his hand (holding the camera) pushed in a stupid (on the signature gatherers part) attempt to block a photo from being taken.