Month: August 2009

Info on Alameda Point

Not an article can be written or cited about SunCal these days without what is becoming an almost ubiquitous comment posting from The site is totally anti-SunCal, but I wanted to give the creators props as an example of moderated criticism that has so far been missing from the discussion of Alameda Point and island development.

Lawsuit filed against AUSD by Alameda parents

news has broken that the Pacific Justice Institute, the defenders of “religious freedom” (often known as insisting that their version of religion be taught to others, see: Intelligent Design), has filed a lawsuit against AUSD. This is being done in conjunction with Alameda parents who don’t want their children to be taught to be compassionate to people who are gay (not teaching that kids should be consider being gay, just that families exist who have gay members and you shouldn’t bully them).

Stop the recall, sign the petition

Please take a minute to sign the following petition in support of Boardmembers Tam, Jensen and Mooney. A show of support by their community will go a long way towards making this all go away, or at the very least, easier for these volunteers who have signed up to work on the difficult issues facing our schools.