School Board Recall Threatened

Yesterday, members of our school board, Jensen, Tam and Mooney, were served with paperwork announcing that a group of Alamedans have filed papers to initiate a recall of them on the school board. They are calling themselves SERVE, after the process to deliver legal papers on a weekend to people’s homes I guess, it’s a nice touch, wouldn’t want to, oh I don’t know, wait 3-4 days and do it at a meeting that all of them will be attending, like say, the School Board meeting.

My favorite section of the paperwork (image below, I blacked out the addresses)?

“Over the objections of 73% of the citizens addressing the board in three days of hearings….the board gave one group a near monopoly on the anti-bullying instruction.”

There are 10,000 kids in AUSD and 72,000 residents, and yet, apparently, the board of Ed is supposed to do whatever 100 people who show up and address them say. It makes the purpose of elections pretty moot. Why bother having the community elect people, when we can just tally the people who come to a particular meeting and see what should be done.

There was nothing representative about the concerned citizens who addressed the board. And they ignore the fact that 80% of Alamedans voted against Prop 8. It’s a sure sign that the folks arguing against the inclusion of anti-gay bullying in the schools anti-bullying curriculum were not representing a majority of the city. What a waste of energy and time.

And could these folks at least have their facts straight? While claiming that The Gays now have a “near monopoly” on anti-bullying lessons sounds really provocative, the anti-bullying criteria is less than 45 minutes long and is one of 9 lessons, which typically only get pulled out when there’s an incident that needs them.

It is honestly, not a big deal, in fact if kids stay away from calling people fags or homos, or pushing kids with two moms (the horror! The horror!) around, the lesson doesn’t even come out. It’s certainly not “teaching homosexuality.”

Here’s the thing, I don’t think the recall has a chance in hell in working. So SERVE can I guess feel good that they made some decent people’s lives stressful.  Congrats!