Month: September 2009

Alameda Point Traffic Study

Last week, The City released its Traffic Impact Report for the Alameda Point project. And it’s a pretty good report. Honest, conservative (meaning likely overstating traffic), and presenting the information in a way that give readers (non-technical readers) the ability to understand the overall concepts and results.

Alameda’s AC Transit Meeting recap

I attended the AC Transit service reduction workshop at Independence Plaza along with about 120 other folks. Someone called both the Fire Dept and the Police because the room was over capacity. The meeting went well: 30-minute presentation of what was happening, 60-minutes of discussion with planners.

Alameda Sun brings the heat

Dennis Evanosky has some great coverage of the S.E.R.V.E. meeting and claims therein. Rather than falling into the trap of thinking that journalism entails telling two sides of a story and leaving it at that, something we see a lot of in local news coverage, Evanosky digs a little deeper into one of the key claims of the Anti-LGBT recallers: