Month: October 2009

Alameda Point: Getting more facts

Tuesday night, the City Council took up the issue of holding a presentation on the City’s two election reports. The referral was brought by the Mayor, and if you watch the full meeting the City Manager. (Interpretive video of the discussion below)

Just the Facts….on Alameda Point

I was glad to see someone else picked up on the interesting comment in SunCal’s response to the mayor last week. Michele at The Island not only noted that SunCal let drop that they have been negotiating an amended Development Agreement (DA) with the City, in response to some of their concerns, but also got Deputy City Manger Lisa Goldman (DCMLG) to confirm and to indicate that there are legal ways for the city to lock in changes pre-ballot.

Hedging our bets

Apparently, hedge funds are so toxic in Alameda that just throwing the word around is enough to qualify as in depth criticism of the Alameda Point Revitalization initiative. The question at Alameda Point is whether or not there will be…