2/3 of Park Street Trees rated “Good” or better

A quick post in advance of the City’s Nov. 9th meeting about the Park Street Trees. According to the arborist hired as a part of the creation of the Tree Master Plan, two-thirds of the 21 trees that were removed in the 2nd phase of the Park Street Streetscape project were rated in Good or Excellent shape. According to Public Works, the only trees that are listed below “good” in their system were:

 Central to Encinal West Side-

  • Prunus Caroliniana  —-Poor Condition
  • Ligustrum    —-Very Poor Condition
  • Prunus Carolina  —-Very Poor Condition

Central to Encinal East Side-

  • Ficus Nitide   —-Very poor Condition
  • Prunus caroliniana—Poor Condition

Central to Encinal west Side-

  • Ligustrum    —- Poor Condition
  • Prunus       —–Very poor

Yet more reason that there should have been public discussion of the plan. There was no “Health of trees” issue. The information apparently doesn’t address whether better care could have returned these trees to health, but the numbers certainly suggest that the clear-cutting was more a matter of convenience (to the building of the project, for future maintenance issues, etc) than of necessity.

It’s not too late to join the 374 people who have signed the petition for the trees

1 comment for “2/3 of Park Street Trees rated “Good” or better

    November 17, 2011 at 1:39 pm

    I have lived in Alameda for more than 30 years . and have been dismayed how things have been handled ..As for the trees on Park street . It was a DISGRACE ! . A city to leave it’s image so scared by unsuitable , unmaintained and ill placed . ” IMAGES OF OUR CITY ” .
    There is a tree that once Shined and was a ” BEAKON of ALAMEDA ” . The PALM . It announced Neptune Beach to the Bay . South Shore has used it to great advantage . And the appropriateness for Business . They will be high up ,Not obscuring our Architecture or Signage . They will need very little maintenance . and can be decorated for the Holidays in many ways . They will also be seen from a distance . Making Note of our City and Business area , even from the freeway . And in the Future the Avenue of Palms can run down along our coast , and make a inviting POST-CARD .

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