Street Names approved by Planning Board

Tonight, the City of Alameda Planning Board approved 16 new street names for Alameda Landing. The names will now go to the Historic Advisory Board for adoption onto the approved list of street names and become final (with their vote).

The names, and information that was presented with them are:

Street Name Full Name Bio
Manning Barbara Manning Barbara was the first African American administrator in AUSD and she had to fight against some pretty blatant racism to earn the position. She was a remarkable educator who could lead a school because she was actually a phenomenal classroom teacher. She was bold and strong.
Grant Don Grant Beloved teacher and track coach at Encinal High
Arusia Arusia Café Cape Verdean café that operated on Buena Vista across from the Del Monte building serving sailors and packers for years.
DeWitt Al DeWitt
Bingham Berresford Bingham retired from the navy here. First African American elected to school board
Gilmore Carter Gilmore A civil rights pioneer in alameda. Led sit in at franklin park before fair housing laws and African American population decimated
Takeda Nellie Takeda a leader and icon in the community, active at Buena Vista UMC but also beloved by many in the community at large
Itliong Larry Itliong a Filipino Union leader of the AWOC who led the 1965 Delano Grape Strike after winning the grape strike in Coachella. He invited Cesar Chavez of the NFWOC to join the strike
Miller George Miller congressman from here for 26 years. He was chairman of the committee for science and astronautics during the glory days of the space program
Vera Cruz Philip Vera Cruz Filipino leader in the Delano Grape Strike that later became a Vice President on the Board of Directors of the United Farm Workers of America.
Huchiun The earliest known inhabitants were the Huchiun tribe, who lived there for thousands of years. The Huchiun belonged to a linguistic grouping later called the Ohlone (a Miwok word meaning “western people”).[11] In Oakland, they were concentrated around Lake Merritt and Temescal Creek
Carnevale Scott Carnevale Fire Captain, hired by Alameda Fire Department on April 13, 1997. Passed away on January 3, 2011 due to occupational esophageal cancer
Bohol Bohol Circle a nonprofit mutual aid organization, was founded in 1936 in Alameda and incorporated in 1948.
Filipinos came to seek education and economic opportunities in the US in order to send money back home to better the lives of families left behind. Because of extreme discrimination and segregation in the US, Boholanos from the island of Bohol in the Visayas, banded together to help each other around the simplest needs as a decent burial.The building on 1815 Union Street was completed and blessed in 1966 and has remained to this day providing a gathering place for family events, holiday celebrations and other cultural and social events bringing together Filipinos from throughout the Bay Area and vicinity.
McCall Louis A. McCall Sr. (born December 28, 1951 in Alameda, California – died June 25, 1997 in Stone Mountain, Georgia) was an American singer, songwriter, drummer, and event planner. He was best known as the co-founder and drummer of the 1970s and 1980s funk/R&B band Con Funk Shun. Louis was murdered in a home invasion robbery.
Bette Frank Bette
LeCroix Terry LeCroix

Names that were suggested and unused will be forwarded to the Historic Advisory Board to be added to the list for potential future names at Alameda Point.

Nice job everyone! Thanks for your help and participation.