Towards a balanced Rent Task Force?

The Staff recommendation is up for the Rent Costs in Alameda Task Force. Apparently someone thinks that landlords are the ones struggling in Alameda as there are three landlord/business-related seats and one renter-related seat. plus three city board/commission seats.

Council directed staff to bring back a proposal for a balanced task force to take a look at rent/housing costs and impacts in Alameda. Will be interesting to see if this was what they meant.

Staff is proposing that the Task Force include the following stakeholders:

1.      The President of the Planning Board or his designee

2.      A representative of the Alameda Chamber of Commerce

3.      A representative of the Alameda Association of Realtors

4.      The President of the Social Services Human Relations Board or his designee

5.      The Chair of the Rent Review Advisory Committee or her designee

6.      A representative of Renewed Hope Housing Advocates

7.      A representative of the East Bay Rental Housing Association

via City of Alameda – File #: 2014-778.