The Proposals: Fernside Pocket Parks

Here’s the official lot lines for Fernside. This is the pocket park at Fairview (video). The yellow highlight is the existing property lines, everything highlighted is City of Alameda Property. Fairview Pocket Park - highlighted On this property, the homeowners on both sides have built a fence that goes straight along the 10′ walkway, and just continued it straight to the water. Thus the bulb out (the park) has been annexed into their yards.

Here’s a map of the City’s original estuary proposal:

Fairview Pocket Park - highlighted - original staff proposal

The city attorney’s office negotiated to provide the homeowners on both sides of the park, all the water in front of the park.

The Planning Board pushed back and proposed that an easement should be granted in front of the city’s property, just like all the private property owners will have (except that the city won’t own the land)Fairview Pocket Park - highlighted - Planning Board Recommendation The dotted yellow is an easement. This provides the city with the opportunity to use this waterway however it likes in the future, without requiring to make specific plans in a hurry or lose access forever.

City staff is now proposing a static easement of between 14 and 18 feet that looks something like this:

Fairview Pocket Park - highlighted - revised staff proposal

In this scenario, the city would be able to put a single dock up to 10′ wide, straight out into the estuary, but any future concepts would be unattainable, s the city would have sold the land on either side to the neighboring homeowners.


Fairview Pocket Park - highlighted - revised staff proposalFairview Pocket Park - highlighted - Planning Board Recommendation

The issue for their decision is whether to go with this limited-public-access proposal which literally surrounds most of the park with private land or the Planning Board’s “keep the public park fully public” proposal.

If you want to support full public access, write the council before 9/6 at this handy link.

The full agenda and staff report for the Planning Board can be found here.