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ARRA we there yet?

Reading the Alameda Journal’s follow-up, one might be lead to believe that the city council (ahem, the ARRA) was particularly negative about SunCal’s proposal at last Wednesday’s meeting. But re-watching the web video, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Another Week, Another Alameda Point Meeting

As the ARRA mulls over its options, one will hope that building an economically sustainable project will prevail and we won’t watch five people on a dias start to try and personally rewrite nearly 15 years of community planning because 15 angry people show up at a meeting.


You can’t open the paper without seeing someone mention that the city is taking $1 million from the golf complex….but is this true?

Bicycling is not a crime

We’ve already banned many kids sports played on residential streets and biking in our parks. Now the council is being asked to ok changes to the Municipal Code that could lead to cutting off cyclists from the city’s own bike parking.