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Election Recommendations: November 2016

2016 November Election Recommendations This year’s local election has a lot of clear, easy choices, and one really tough one (M1), plus a crazy amount of other initiatives and measures. Following are the quick recommendations, more below for those who want to…

AUSD – Teacher Salary Edition

Last Friday, AUSD released, some might say finally released, information on the pay and benefits of AUSD employees. (I converted the pdf to a spreadsheet so folks can play with the data).  The average teacher salary is $62,000 a year…

Alameda Unified’s API scores trending well

Last week, California School Academic Performance Indicator (API) results were released for the year. And every year the immediate results are the same. School cheerleaders champion that the numbers show growth (aka better performance) and school detractors (mostly the anti-parcel…

Another case for the Alameda Transportation Commission

There’s only one problem. There’s no stop on Main Street at Midway (see map for location…hint: it’s where the bullseye is). It turns out that after the community and schools came out and asked for the bus to run on Midway, AC Transit made the change and requested that the stops be put in. So far, so good. But it turns out that the City (Public Works in this case) refused because they had to be ADA compliant and therefore there was a cost associated with placing the new stop.

Alameda Point: Benefiting the public

Two of the things I’m hoping will be discussed at tonight’s council meeting are Fiscal Neutrality and Public Benefits. A lot has been made of a supposed “$500 million dollar shortfall” despite the fact that it’s a made up number that doesn’t withstand the smell test.

Alameda’s Lesson 9: Trish Spencer’s paradox

I can’t assume to know why Boardmember Spencer has voted against Lesson 9 and the explicit inclusion of LGBT issues in the curriculum, but I can question why it is that she’s taken to using the same talking points of the explicitly homophobic SERVE group and hanging out with the lawyer from the Pacific Justice Institute if her intentions are indeed not anti-LGBT.