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Election Recommendations: November 2016

2016 November Election Recommendations This year’s local election has a lot of clear, easy choices, and one really tough one (M1), plus a crazy amount of other initiatives and measures. Following are the quick recommendations, more below for those who want to…

Alameda Point: Municipal Intent

At that moment, City Manager Ann Marie Gallant summed up the difference as “the problem is the intent and the initiative language are two different things, and we opted to go with what the initiative language says.”

Poisoning the information

In today’s Alameda Journal newsletter from “former councilmember” Barbara Thomas which is so rife with bad information that it hints at why she was so spectacularly voted out of office in her run for reelection in 1991. (she received barely 20% of the vote in 1991, just beating Don Roberts for fourth place).

Alameda’s own Newt Gingrich

Many years ago, Ms. Bail started a Political Action Committee dedicated to keeping Measure A intact no matter what. It was aptly named “Keep Measure A.” They formed a PAC in order to support candidates that they deemed sufficiently committed to keeping Measure A. Ms. Bail was the Secretary.

So sue me

Alameda property owners will be filing a lawsuit against measure H, the popularly passed school parcel tax and one of my favorite businesses is deep in the middle of it.