Endorsements - John Knox White for Alameda City Council 2018

John Knox White for Alameda City Council

Elected Leaders

Hon. Rob Bonta, California Assembly Member, District 18
Marie Gilmore, former Mayor of Alameda
Gray Harris, President, Alameda Board of Education
William Schaff, Former President, Alameda Board of Education
Robert Raburn, BART Director and Board President
Rebecca Saltzman, BART Director
Elsa Ortiz, AC Transit Director
Doug Linney, East Bay Municipal Utilities District Director
Mike McMahon, Former School Board Member
Jordan Battani, Former Alameda Hospital Board Member

Appointed Leaders

David Burton, Alameda Planning Board Member
Dania Alvarez, Former Alameda Planning Board Member
Mark Irons, Former Historic Advisory Board member
Audrey Lord-Hausman, Former Chair of the Commission on Disability Issues
Doug Biggs, Former Social Services and Human Relations Board Member
Joel Ramos, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board Member

Other Community Leaders

Kathleen C. Woulfe
Lauren Do
Kate Quick
Laura Thomas
Lucy Gigli
Dan Wood
Barbara Mooney
Richard Hausman
Barnett Brickner
Heather Little
Ginny Parsons
Jan Watten
Angela Houkabout
Cindy Acker
Kevis Browson
Rachel Campos
Liz London
Susan Decker
Edwin Cevallos
Donna Eyestone
Zayba Shaikh
William Smith
Jon Spangler
Mike Merit
Michael Schmitz
Cheryl Taylor
Terry Thibault Eichel
Genevieve Pastor-Cohen
Sarah Quinn Noble
Kristin Welch
Debbie Chapman
Kate Meade
Meresa Connors
Thuy Pham
Amy Wheat Rumberger
Marisa Wood
Marshall Goldberg
Anne Cevallos
Susan Paulukonis
Denyse Trepanier
Alana Dill
Bonnie Bates Wehmannbr />Carli Paine

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Easy Street Cycling

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  • endorsed 2018-03-23 08:17:53 -0700
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  • endorsed 2018-03-22 17:15:41 -0700
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