Petition denouncing the Recall of Rob Bonta and supporting civil discourse

Recently, a small group of Alamedan’s filed paperwork to begin collecting signatures in what is a cynical political maneuver which stands out as a shining example of what is wrong with political discourse in our community and our nation.

One of the official filers of the intent to recall, Carol Gottstein, said this after it was filed: “this is less a sincere attempt to accomplish a recall than to express discontent”

To make matters worse, the recall petition is full of inaccuracies and untruths.

  • Rob Bonta never voted to support swapping golf land for housing, and his vote against the idea occurred before citizens collected signatures to change the charter.
  • Rob Bonta supported Measure C along with 50% of the voters in the June 2012 election
  • The recently adopted Firefighter contract neither provides raises, nor shortens the work week of firefighters, Bonta supported a contract that continues to hold firefighter salaries unchanged for over 5 years. The contract also increased employee contributions for pensions and reduced medical costs. The new contract provides an annual savings to the City of Alameda.
  • Bonta voted to approve a housing element that is consistent with required state housing laws. This approval did not approve any project that is counter to the City’s Charter (aka Measure A).

Please take a minute to sign the following statement against this abuse of public process and this attack on civil discourse in Alameda. A show of support by their community will go a long way towards making this all go away, or at the very least, send a clear message that in Alameda: we can disagree without being disagreeable.

The Petition

At a time when Alamedans should be paying attention to our important local election and working on real issues, a few Alamedans are attempting to obfuscate the issues and drum up concern based on false and misleading information about Vice Mayor Rob Bonta. These actions are shameful. Whether we support all of Bonta’s actions or not, it is clear that as a council member he has acted appropriately and legally and that there is no basis, whatsoever, for recalling him from office.

We the undersigned, affirm our support for civil civic engagement and against political shenanigans that degrade our political and local discourse. We stand in direct opposition to the misuse of Alameda’s election code for political posturing and attempting to inflate the views of a very small group of Alamedans.


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150 people have signed to denounce the recall!









Arthur W. Lenhardt

Tom Jackson

Jim Meyer

Susan Paulukonis

Mike Merit

Sheri Palmer

Denine Keltner

Rosemary Reilly

Victoria and Eric Kuhns


Anne DeBardeleben

Christina cole Kreitz

Karen Zeltzer

Bob Brown

Bill Dal Porto


Tracy Corbally

Michael Budd


carl halpern

Christopher Seiwald

Marie Spark

julie-ann cesareo

Claire Bonde

Bonnie Wehmann

Selina Faulhaber

John Platt

Jen Laird

Andrea Hoy

Derek Hajny

Betsy Brazy



Rob Cabrera

Deni Adaniya


Sally Simpson

Adrian Blakey

Jennifer Hastings

Ken Dorrance

marion mckee

Dorie Guess Behrstock

Carole Robie

Li Volin

Christina Harper

Daniel Hoy

Bradley Hange

Joe Ernst


Rudy Rabago

Olivia Rebanal

Katie Kruger

Debbie Chapman

jane pimentel

Margaret J. Flynn

Beverly J. Johnson

John Piziali

Lillian Galedo

Holly Harrison

Tony Daysog

Jordan Battani

Jay de los Reyes

Catherine Tactaquin

Jeff Cambra

Anna Martin


jeanette g. lazam

Michael Karp

Marjorie Sherratt

Ron Mooney

Laura Rose

Anne Bevan

Eliabeth Rogers

Dr. Barry Arbreton


Lissa merit

Christina McKenna

Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft

Amy Fenstermaker

Seamus Wilmot

Christine Buck

Ron Matthews

CR Saikley

Julie Hong

Bill Shiber

Sarah Olaes

Earleen Hamlin

lucy gigli

Benjamin T. Reyes II

George Phillips

Carla Greathouse

Stewart Chen

William Schaff

Linda Arons

Alana Dill

Randy Banaria

Prosy Delacruz

Dianne Richmond


Victor Jin

Joanna Bianchi

Sean Cahill

james wilson

Vicki Sedlack

William (Bill) Smith

Herb Behrstock

Dan Wood

Marie Gilmore

Doug Biggs

Donalda Murphy

Mialisa Bonta

Karen Bey

Barbara Mooney

David Burton

Lorrie Murray

Jack Boeger

Honora Murphy

Lynne White

Susan E. Decker

Michael J. Krueger

Ann Casper

Linnea Oddie

Sarah Oddie

Richard Hausman

Doug Linney

Peter Brand

Alice Fried

Mark Irons

Susan Davis

Audrey Lord-Hausman

Michael Schmitz

Karen green

Lena Tam

Ben Kruger

Austin Tam

Steve Bitker

Barbara Kahn

Alice Lai-Bitker

Anne Cevallos

Lauren Do

John Knox White

Jim Oddie

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