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Alameda Point: East Bay Express edition

Rin Kelly has done it. Written the perfect Rorshach test for Alameda Point. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Apparently it doesn’t matter what her article says (and says well and fairly), you can see that it has proved you right all along. Which either says something about the readers or about the writing…and I’m going with readers on this one.

Alameda Point: Park it

Parking is one of the big drivers of auto-use (more specifically ample free parking) and yet it has a large cost in terms of money used to provide it. But there’s a larger cost to the community and environment that comes in the form of wasted space, bad design, and a disconnectedness of people to the others around them.

Clif Bar is Out

Word is, Clif Bar will be announcing later today that they are no longer moving to Alameda Landing. A press release will be forthcoming announcing the termination of the contract.

Old Faithful

At tonight’s Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority (ARRA) meeting, the council, excuse me, ARRA Board, will decide whether to spend $200,000 to remove The Faithful, a 293 foot vessel and a barge that has recently been moored to it at…

Our House

It’s a big week for transportation related items at the Council, CIC, and Housing Authority. Things get pretty wonky, pretty quickly, and so I’ll skip the Economic Development Strategic Plan (at the CIC for Approval Tuesday), the awarding of a…