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Alameda Sun brings the heat

Dennis Evanosky has some great coverage of the S.E.R.V.E. meeting and claims therein. Rather than falling into the trap of thinking that journalism entails telling two sides of a story and leaving it at that, something we see a lot of in local news coverage, Evanosky digs a little deeper into one of the key claims of the Anti-LGBT recallers:

Info on Alameda Point

Not an article can be written or cited about SunCal these days without what is becoming an almost ubiquitous comment posting from alamedapointinfo.org. The site is totally anti-SunCal, but I wanted to give the creators props as an example of moderated criticism that has so far been missing from the discussion of Alameda Point and island development.

Law and Order: Alameda County Edition

A month and a half ago, I wrote about the Alameda Sun’s ridiculous “news” article and duplicative front page editorial regarding the signature gatherers collecting ballot signatures for the SunCal initiative. While taking photos of one of the gatherers, an Alameda Sun reporter was yelled at and eventually had his hand (holding the camera) pushed in a stupid (on the signature gatherers part) attempt to block a photo from being taken.

Congratulations Alameda Sun, you’re now the print version of the Alameda Daily News!

Anyone who has picked up this weeks issue of the Alameda Sun can see why the editorializing that passes for journalism at the paper has finally reached such heights that the “esteemed” Don Roberts praised them on Friday for their “journalistic integrity.” Seriously, can you get any lower than that? What is this “journalistic integrity?” Must be they wrote something Don agrees with, because there was absolutely zero journalism happening.

And the streets will run with paint

[googlevideo=http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=-4125358435335146486&hl=en] So I came home yesterday in the middle of one of the big rainstorms, to find the gutter on my block running white, as if a tanker truck of milk had overturned and the cow juice was running off…

Is there a Doctor in the house?

I know, two posts in one day, but with the timing issue of this, In the “file under deja vu” category, the Alameda Hospital Board has announced another vacancy.  This time it’s Kevin Farrell who is stepping down.