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Forecasting the future

18 months ago, AUSD and the Board of Education received a demographic study for the district from Lapkoff and Gobalet. This study came under a lot of criticism during the Edison enrollment/lottery discussion and I thought it would be interesting to look at how it has faired two years out.

Correcting the record….

In yesterday’s post, I spoke with Alameda’s Chief of Police Tibbet to fully understand a couple of the points in the Alameda Theater staff report. In doing so, made a couple of errors in translation that I want clear up.

Arra to the Rescue?

Small-minded bitterness about the Alameda theater project is threatening to confuse an important discussion about school finances, using incredibly bad info to make an invalid point.

Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Last Thursday, I mentioned a report card issued by Action Alameda on redevelopment in Alameda.  Report cards are great organizing tools, done well, they can crystallize a set of complex information into a short, easy to read format.  Done well.