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City Lights

The SD&R crew headed up to City Hall last Saturday night for the lighting of the city’s the christmas tree lights. We were lucky to bump into AP&T head Girish Balachandran, who pointed out that this year’s lights are new, and they’re LEDs using 80% less power than in years past.

AP not T

Alameda Power and Telecom told it’s employees this morning that at tonight’s workshop of the PUB, there will be an announcement that telecom side of AP&T has received a high bid from Comcast and that a presentation to the PUB, with a staff recommendation on whether or not to accept it, will be made at Monday’s meeting and then on Tuesday at the City Council meeting.

Freaky Friday

The Council’s OSH decision has been much talked about this week, I’ve received emails about it from friends, the blogs have continued to expound theories, letters to the editor have looked very much like the blogs and it occurred to me that we have a very simple solution to sales tax conundrum caused by the Auto dealerships leaving. Don’t let them leave.