Going Forward at Alameda Point

One of the hallmark’s of the last eight years of planning at Alameda Point was a decisive unwillingness on the part of the City Council to get actively involved in any of the planning of decision-making. While this isn’t to say that specific council people didn’t have ideas, or try and influence what was happening at the Point, as a body, the Council (or more appropriately the ARRA) never actually did anything. Plans long-term decision making issues came to the board, where as a body, the members remained silent, never accepting or rejecting what was projected.

This was by design.

Alameda Point Leases: The smartest guys in the room

I wanted to talk about the conversation around the leases, especially with Darcy Morrison running around claiming that Alameda Point has generated $126 million in net income over 12 years. As proof, she points to David “Action Alameda” Howard’s “analysis” of the ARRA’s cash flow analysis (wonky terms, but stick with it for a second). That should have been her first tip off that she should check her math.

Group Specs

Yet another group has popped up around the Point, that makes 2. Honestly, do Action Alameda, SOC!A, Citizens for a Better Alameda, Keep Measure A Committee expect us not to realize that the contacts for these groups are all the same people? Heck, Gretchen Lipow is listed as a key person for three of them!

Leadership rears its head at the ARRA

At Wednesday’s ARRA meeting, something miraculous happened. A councilmember decided to take a real leadership role in the Alameda Point project. After years of moving the Alameda Point project forward while trying to keep a respectful distance from it, someone on the council stepped up to the plate and took a full-fledged position.

Redevelopment Risks

The discussion of “what happens if redevelopment bonds go belly up” is an exercise in “what if?” because so far it hasn’t happened, though with the current real estate situation, it probably won’t be long before one does.