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Alameda Point Leases: The smartest guys in the room

I wanted to talk about the conversation around the leases, especially with Darcy Morrison running around claiming that Alameda Point has generated $126 million in net income over 12 years. As proof, she points to David “Action Alameda” Howard’s “analysis” of the ARRA’s cash flow analysis (wonky terms, but stick with it for a second). That should have been her first tip off that she should check her math.

Alameda Bridge Closure – Part II

The Alameda County Director of PUblic Works, Daniel Woldesenbet, has sent a letter to all County Supervisors identifying the impacts of the Governators proposed shift of local gas taxes. Right at the top of page 2? “Estuary Bridges”

Alameda Transit Riders Alert

AC Transit riders should be aware that AC Transit is looking at service cuts of about 15% in response to the CA Legislature/Guvenator’s glorious budget. The budget removes annual operating money from all transit agencies for the next 18 months leaving California transit agencies with large holes in their budget.

It’s Wednesday, Bloody, Wednesday in Alameda

Last week, Alameda’s new Interim City Manager, Ann-Marie Gallant, let the city employee unions know that next Wednesday (May 6), she will be announcing significant staff cuts. Whether this will include the much murmured department consolidation (Police/Fire, Planning/Development Services, Cats/Dogs) remains to be seen.

MTC! Protect AC Transit Service tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) will be voting on how to spend the stimulus money approved last week by President Obama. It’s not often a government or we have a chance to see the actions of the highest office in America translate so quickly and action in our local community. Based on the MTC staff report, this decision will have a large effect on transit in Alameda and the East Bay.

Friday Budget Follies

Reading this mornings coverage of the state budget, I can’t focus on anything else beyond how dispiriting it is to watch our state make such ugly, terrible choices. Alameda will not escape this.