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Going Forward at Alameda Point

One of the hallmark’s of the last eight years of planning at Alameda Point was a decisive unwillingness on the part of the City Council to get actively involved in any of the planning of decision-making. While this isn’t to say that specific council people didn’t have ideas, or try and influence what was happening at the Point, as a body, the Council (or more appropriately the ARRA) never actually did anything. Plans long-term decision making issues came to the board, where as a body, the members remained silent, never accepting or rejecting what was projected.

This was by design.

Did deHaan just apologize to Tam? (video)

At the end of what was a very lively City Council meeting that included a truly bizarre incident when former Council Candidate Eugenie Thompson walked into the meeting, straight up to the dais, and interrupted the Council’s discussion on new meeting procedures to have her say on an earlier item, Councilmember Doug deHaan gave what appeared to be a personal apology to Lena Tam, for the City’s actions against her last year.