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Info on Alameda Point

Not an article can be written or cited about SunCal these days without what is becoming an almost ubiquitous comment posting from alamedapointinfo.org. The site is totally anti-SunCal, but I wanted to give the creators props as an example of moderated criticism that has so far been missing from the discussion of Alameda Point and island development.

Alameda Point: Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah?

It seems that there is a small group of people who are upset at the Alameda Point signature gatherers not standing on street corners yelling, “will you sign this initiative to put measure a for the whole city on the ballot thereby ruining our small-town community.” It was surprising to hear who is acknowledging that this is the case.

Alameda Point: still haven’t found….

Actionsocabetteralameda has a hilarious post up today about how terrible it is for SunCal to request that they pay the US Navy less for Alameda Point. The argument? The Navy deserves to recoup the costs of the clean up at Alameda Point for the toxic mess they themselves created.

Forecasting the future

18 months ago, AUSD and the Board of Education received a demographic study for the district from Lapkoff and Gobalet. This study came under a lot of criticism during the Edison enrollment/lottery discussion and I thought it would be interesting to look at how it has faired two years out.

Poisoning the information

In today’s Alameda Journal newsletter from “former councilmember” Barbara Thomas which is so rife with bad information that it hints at why she was so spectacularly voted out of office in her run for reelection in 1991. (she received barely 20% of the vote in 1991, just beating Don Roberts for fourth place).

Leadership rears its head at the ARRA

At Wednesday’s ARRA meeting, something miraculous happened. A councilmember decided to take a real leadership role in the Alameda Point project. After years of moving the Alameda Point project forward while trying to keep a respectful distance from it, someone on the council stepped up to the plate and took a full-fledged position.