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Alameda’s Lesson 9: Part Deux

A few months ago, our community was called to action to support tolerance and respect for all people. Thanks to you and many others, there is no doubt about where our community stands on issues of compassion and tolerance! However, work remains to be done.

Alameda Schools head to court tomorrow

Tomorrow (Tues) is the first hearing in the Lesson 9 court case, one of the two efforts to allow parents to avoid having tolerance for gays/children of gays taught to their children. Of the two efforts, the lawsuit is the less pernicious in my mind, though still depressing.

Lawsuit filed against AUSD by Alameda parents

news has broken that the Pacific Justice Institute, the defenders of “religious freedom” (often known as insisting that their version of religion be taught to others, see: Intelligent Design), has filed a lawsuit against AUSD. This is being done in conjunction with Alameda parents who don’t want their children to be taught to be compassionate to people who are gay (not teaching that kids should be consider being gay, just that families exist who have gay members and you shouldn’t bully them).

Scoop! Attari vs. Alameda Lawsuit Settled

Well the suit has been settled. For $2.25 million. And, as reported by Michele at The Island, the amount is covered by the California Joint Powers Risk Management Authority, thus no drain on the Alameda’s general fund, and thus, no bankruptcy. (It really must get tiring being oh so wrong, oh so often).