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Alameda Point: East Bay Express edition

Rin Kelly has done it. Written the perfect Rorshach test for Alameda Point. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. Apparently it doesn’t matter what her article says (and says well and fairly), you can see that it has proved you right all along. Which either says something about the readers or about the writing…and I’m going with readers on this one.

Poisoning the information

In today’s Alameda Journal newsletter from “former councilmember” Barbara Thomas which is so rife with bad information that it hints at why she was so spectacularly voted out of office in her run for reelection in 1991. (she received barely 20% of the vote in 1991, just beating Don Roberts for fourth place).

Rising tides

It has become apparent that there is a lot of confusion surrounding SunCal’s map in the sea-level rise section of their master plan which is being read by many as depicting solely sea level rise.

Redevelopment Risks

The discussion of “what happens if redevelopment bonds go belly up” is an exercise in “what if?” because so far it hasn’t happened, though with the current real estate situation, it probably won’t be long before one does.

Alameda Point decision time

With the ARRA set to re-hear discussion on Alameda Point tonight, I figured I’d post this article I stumbled upon about a month ago. There’s a myth being created that the housing market is terrible (it is, that’s not the…