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Election Recommendations

With the national election seeming to be over as far as California’s concerned (does anyone think Obama or Stark aren’t going to be elected from California?) Let’s not foget that there are a number of state and local races that are incredibly important

Good Gone!

Apparently, Good Chevrolet’s Financing Company demanded that they pay down their inventory on Monday and the Owner John Buono said “enough’s enough” and shut the doors.

Freaky Friday

The Council’s OSH decision has been much talked about this week, I’ve received emails about it from friends, the blogs have continued to expound theories, letters to the editor have looked very much like the blogs and it occurred to me that we have a very simple solution to sales tax conundrum caused by the Auto dealerships leaving. Don’t let them leave.

So sue me

Alameda property owners will be filing a lawsuit against measure H, the popularly passed school parcel tax and one of my favorite businesses is deep in the middle of it.