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Rising tides

It has become apparent that there is a lot of confusion surrounding SunCal’s map in the sea-level rise section of their master plan which is being read by many as depicting solely sea level rise.

Leadership rears its head at the ARRA

At Wednesday’s ARRA meeting, something miraculous happened. A councilmember decided to take a real leadership role in the Alameda Point project. After years of moving the Alameda Point project forward while trying to keep a respectful distance from it, someone on the council stepped up to the plate and took a full-fledged position.

What’s up Dot (com)?

Right after the November 2006 election, AP&T General Manager, Girish Balachandran, held meetings with 50 to 60 people to talk to about the Telecom and the overwhelming feedback from the attendees was “get out, get out before it’s too late.”

Community Action

Alamedan Eric Ladenburg headed to Wasilla Alaska to help document the political life and times of soon to be former VP candidate Sarah Palin. Check out the Wasilla Project.